Current Report

    Fishing is great! The summer pattern is beginning to settle in more firmly. We're still getting some windy
days, but there aren't as many and predictability is helping.

arpon are still going strong, but the word is definitely out and the mornings of having an area all to
yourself are past in most locations. A variety of baits or flies will be a benefit for the rest of the season
because the trick is starting to be showing them something they haven't already seen, or at least haven't
seen as much. Crabs are working during strong outgoing tide phases, but large baitfish are the trick any
other time. Flies? Olive, Olive/black, Black, or Purple/black. Those colors in a few different patterns
are getting eyeballed and sampled. All purple seems to be scaring them and tan or brown is getting ignored.

are on the beach! Hallelujah! Time for some serious fly sight fishing!  There still aren't as many
fish as there have been in past years, but after the kills, it's going to be a few years before we see that
again. It still looks better than last summer, so far, and the numbers are plenty high for great fishing! The
passes are still holding the usual fish in the usual places, and they will right on through the rest of the
summer. Identifying a stop-over station or two between the beach and the flats/mangroves inside the bays
is the best tactic for fishing them i the passes.
Night fishing is what it always is during the summer. FUN!!
Whether you like showing them flies or live bait,
most nights will be productive if you put yourself where the
snook are.

    Trout are e
verywhere! Find a grass-bed or the edge of a flat, locate the depth transition area, pick
your technique, catch fish. It's almost that simple
. Clean water and decent weather are the variables.

     The passes are g
oing off for live bait and jigging. Snapper, grouper, sea bass, blue runner, jacks,
ladyfish, pompano, snook, and trout are all routine, depending on where you set up in the pass. Live shrimp
and almost any small baitfish will work, but trout and snook are partial to pilchards and the numbers go up
with a livewell full of them instead of shrimp. If you're jigging or dredging a fly, just keep it down by the
bottom; not always easy in the current, but it's essential

njoy the variety!

Best -
Capt. Andy