Frequently Asked Questions
 The following comments and recommendations should provide you with everything you need to make your trip comfortable. If you
have additional questions or concerns, feel free to ask me when you
book your date!

Do I need a fishing license?    No. Your fishing license is provided.

What kind of shoes should I wear?    Please wear soft soled shoes or sandals with a white or very light colored sole. Black or
dark colored soles usually leave marks on the deck which are difficult to remove.

What will we need for a trip during the day?    Day trips often mean sun, sometimes in more than sufficient quantity. If a friend or
spouse wishes to come along for the sun and the ride, but does not necessarily wish to fish very much, I do not have a problem with
sunbathing on the deck while we fish. Following are a few essentials:

 1. Sunscreen
 2. A hat, preferably broad brimmed, but definitely one with a bill.
 3. A good pair of sunglasses; polarized lenses are best. If we are sightfishing on your trip, polarized lenses are a necessity, even
if it is an inexpensive pair! Just make sure the tag is clearly marked as POLARIZED.
 4. A white or light colored long sleeve, lightweight cotton or technical shirt is also a good idea, especially if you are fair skinned
or unaccustomed to the Florida sun. You may wish to bring an extra shirt if the weather is windy since this can result in more spray
when we are running from spot to spot.

Do we need to bring our own drinks?    I supply sports drinks and water in sufficient quantity to keep you hydrated, but you are
welcome to bring your own if you choose. I have enough cooler space to keep several bottles or cans of your choice.

What should I bring for a trip at night?    Night trips can get a bit chilly. In the summer and early fall, this is usually not an issue, but
most of the rest of the year, it can be cold for some people if there is a breeze. Following are recommendations for night trips:

 1. Long pants and a light jacket, sweatshirt, or flannel shirt if you are prone to being chilled (disregard if during summer months).
In the winter, please dress according to the weather and you may wish to bring an extra jacket or warm shirt to add a layer if you get
 2. Wear light colored clothes when we fish at night.
 3. Consider bringing a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee aboard for night trips.

Will there be enough light to see at night?    Yes. If you wish to bring a small flashlight of your own, feel free, however, I have
ample lighting aboard at all times.

Do we need bug spray?    I provide bug repellent if needed, though mosquitoes are rarely around most of the locations we’ll fish
at night. If you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, I recommend you bring whatever variety of repellent you prefer just in
case we should encounter a location where they happen to be present.

Do I need to bring any food?    Yes. I do not supply food, simply because people’s tastes vary so greatly. It is impossible to
provide an adequate assortment of menu or account for every appetite.  I have storage space for food items or for your own small
bag or small cooler.

Is it okay to bring a camera?    Feel free to bring your own camera. I have one aboard at all times and will take photos of you and
your catch if you wish. However, I understand the desire for pictures on your own camera. If you like to take pictures of wildlife
and different photogenic scenes, you will certainly wish to have your own camera as the opportunities are usually plentiful. I also
offer trips specifically directed at
wildlife/nature sightseeing and photography instead of fishing. If this interests you, feel free
to call and ask me about a charter of that type.  I can supply a sealed drybox for you to keep your camera and film in as a further
insurance measure against water or damage.

Do I need to bring my own tackle?    No. Tackle is provided, though you may bring your own rods and reels if you prefer the
familiarity. In fact, I encourage fly anglers to bring their own rods for that reason. I’ll be happy to discuss the demands and
preferences for whatever kind of fishing you choose to do to make sure you have the right outfit for the duty.

How can we get a fish mounted?    I have no arrangements with taxidermists, but I do know of a few excellent resources in that
field and use one of them myself for my own work. If you choose to mount a fish, I ask only that it be a reproduction mount and not
a skin mount. I will be happy to explain my reasons if asked. If you wish to have a reproduction mount done for a fish you catch with
me, we will take all of the necessary measurements along with several pictures of the fish to provide to the taxidermist.  If you wish
a referral, I will be happy to provide you a few options and you may shop and choose as you like.