Boat and Equipment
  You will be fishing from a first-class boat with proven equipment, accessories and electronics ideally suited to the fishing we do,
all new in early 2004 and meticulously maintained. My boat is a spacious and stable 18’ Sterling flats boat fitted with recessed
trim tabs and powered by a smooth, quiet, reliable Yamaha F115 four stroke outboard mounted on a hydraulic jackplate. The
electronics are top quality and cutting edge. The boat is equipped with a  trolling motor for some styles of fishing. When we are
sightfishing or need to maneuver silently in shallow water or around bars and edges, I use a carbon fiber push pole. The mounting
system for the trolling motor was specially picked for its suitability to flyfishing and sightfishing when the motor is removed. It
poses no hazard to loose fly line or bare feet. Additionally, I use a custom built battery box which sits amidships to maintain
proper running attitude, stability, and optimal draft at rest. The box is removable for
sightfishing trips when the trolling motor is
not necessary. This allows me to lighten the boat as much as possible for stealthy, maneuverable poling.

  The boat is equipped with two large oval livewells and plenty of dry storage for gear and extra clothes. There are two tackle
racks which hold a total of six boxes that are interchangeable and organized by technique and method. There is covered rod
storage for up to 10 rods up to 9’ in length and console rod holders for three more. But, if 10 is not enough, we have a problem of
a different kind anyway!  I maintain fish handling gear, a camera, nets, gloves and many other accessories that may come in handy or
necessary over the course of our trip.

  My boat is an ideal platform for most of the fishing I do and is versatile enough to handle unusual duty exceptionally well. It
excels at any inshore style of fishing as well as nearshore and beach fishing. If the conditions are too rough in the nearshore Gulf
to be safe for this boat, then any kind of fishing we would normally do there is not going to yield anything worth the effort anyway.
The boat was selected both for its superior fishability as well as the roomy cockpit and overall design suitable to my own family’s
safety and comfort. It is exceptionally stable with a soft ride and outstanding performance characteristics. It offers a draft
capable of getting us into water 8” deep.  If we need to get shallower, we can wade! The hull has exceptional poling
characteristics, tracking well and maneuvering crisply. The covering boards and decks are wide and solid for unobstructed, worry
free 360 degree walkaround area during the rush of a fish fight. The cockpit is spacious enough for children or novices who are a
bit deck shy to remain in the cockpit and still fish effectively. There are bright cockpit lights available when needed to illuminate
the cockpit sole while fishing at night or earliest morning.

  I keep rain gear for everyone aboard. The boat has redundant bilge pumps as well as a self draining cockpit equipped with a pump
of its own should it ever be needed. I keep a well stocked first aid kit, the aforementioned VHF radio, a cell phone, all required
Coast Guard safety equipment, a smoke signal and a few other items that could come in handy. If the day’s weather or conditions
are questionable, I will always make you aware of the conditions and what they represent. If I deem the conditions too inclement to
be safe or make an enjoyable trip out of the day, then I will reschedule your trip. If a reschedule is unfortunately not possible, I will
refund your deposit if one has been given. Prevailing and continuous thunderstorms, lightning, or unusually high wind are automatic

  If you choose to use the tackle I provide, you will be using tackle hand picked and matched for the style of fishing you are doing,
regardless of what we may do during your charter. I have installed custom after market drags in many of my reels, primarily for
additional drag pressure and lower start up friction for fishing around structure or for powerful fish that test tackle and line to the
limits. The gear you will be using has been proven and selected over years of continual testing and measuring against the fish we’ll
be catching.

  If you choose to bring your own rods and reels, I will be happy to discuss the needs and demands of whatever fishing you choose
to engage to make sure you bring whichever of your rods that is/are best suited to your day(s) on the water. If you are interested
in flyfishing, I will provide all the flies, but I strongly encourage you to bring your own outfit. This is because flycasting for many
casters is far easier with a familiar rod. You are more likely to be comfortable and accurate far longer into the day with a rod that
you are already familiar with than with one of mine, which may or may not be suited to your casting style or ability. Nonetheless, if
you are new to saltwater flyfishing and do not own any saltwater grade rods or reels, I will provide the proper rig to you. I have a
number to choose from for whatever quarry you choose to seek.